If you had told me 3 years ago during a serious illness that in 2016 people like me would be playing tournament football I would have thought you were “out to lunch”. Whilst walking football is highly competitive it is played in a great spirit; it is highly inclusive and the taking part is just as important as winning.
— Paul Pike
Terrific tournament with Uxbridge as worthy winners! Terrific bunch of guys... great football and an absolute blast socially. A well-organised and supported event played to the true rules of walking football - beware of imitations! Thanks to Stannah, Quinntessential and all the teams involved. True spirit of the game.
— Jon Isaacs
The tournament was fantastic! Waking football, big thumbs up. Competitive and a great laugh. There is nothing like a game of footy with your mates, no matter the weather. Make me feel like a kid again.
— Andrew Darmanin
An absolute blast. Playing football again with other like-minded guys - you can’t beat it. Walking football is competitive, but what fun. Every time I miss a session I feel I’ve missed out.
— Bruce Vander